Saturday, July 16, 2016

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 315: Confederate Flag Flew Again at S.C. Statehouse

From the July 11, 2016, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Confederate Flag Back for a Day at S.C. Statehouse.  (Win)  To mark the one year anniversary of the controversial flag being taken down.  It was peaceful, but tense with supporters and protesters.  The Confederate Soldier's Monument remains, but the flag and the 30-foot pole it flew on are gone.  The S.C. secessionist Party used a portable pole.

**  Confederate Flag protest held at a 'BLM' rally.  (Oklahoma City)  (Loss)  While I agree with protesting the removal of anything Confederate, doing it at a black rally is not the best way to do it.

--Old Secesh

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