Friday, July 1, 2016

McHenry County Civil War Round Table-- Part 3: Peninsula Campaign Navy

I had done research on the naval aspects of the campaign, but that wasn't discussed much.  I'll be writing about my research in my Civil War Navy Blog, "Running the Blockade" next week.

With the fall of Norfolk looming, the Confederates were looking to remove the CSS Virginia, a huge threat to Union efforts, up the James River to Richmond.  Its guns were removed, but the newly lightened ship then had too much freeboard between its armor and wooden hull.

This would enable Union gunners, and especially the USS Monitor, to damage or sink the ship.  This was a big reason why the ship was destroyed.

The Virginia's crew (and possibly guns) were removed to Drewry's Bluff for that place's defense.

--Old Secesh

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