Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Meanwhile, in Chicago: Blacks Shooting Blacks During the 4th of July Weekend

From the July 6, 2016, Chicago Tribune "Holiday ends in string of shootings" by Peter Nickeas and Jeremy Gorner.

Historically, the 4th of July has been very bloody for blacks in Chicago, but this year the Chicago police made a huge effort to tame it down.  By Sunday evening, shootings and murders were substantially lower.

Over the next several hours, however, gunfire erupted across the South and West sides.  Nearly 30 people were shot after Sunday evening., doubling the holiday toll to at least 66, one more than last year.

In those final hours, a five year old girl and her 8-year-old cousin were wounded as was an 11 year-old boy, among others.

This violence brought the number of people shot in Chicago (mostly black) to at least 2,021.  The total for all of 2015 was just over 2,900.

Not one Confederate flag, memorial or statue is suspected of having done the shootings.  But police are investigating.

This Is So Sad.   Yet, Blacks Continue to Go After Confederate Flags, Statues and Memorials.  --Old Secesh

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