Thursday, July 21, 2016

McHenry County's Civil War Dead-- Part 1 Ainsworth-Baldwin

From the May 30, 2016, Northwest Herald (McHenry County, Illinois) "In Remembrance"

"On Memorial Day, we publish this list of McHenry County residents who died in the service of our nation during wartime--  as far back as the Civil War through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan-- to recognize their valor and courage in the defense of the United States and the ideals we hold dear.

McHenry County was named for Major William McHenry, an Indian fighter.  I had always thought it was named for Fort McHenry in Baltimore.  You learn something every day.

It was founded in 1836, so it was just 25 years old when the Civil War began.

Yet, it deaths from the war were significant.  This will take me a lot of posts to list them all, which I intend to do.

G.S. Ainsworth
J.J. Alderman
C. Anderson
A. Ayers
S. Bacon
R.D. Bailey
N. Baldwin
S. Baldwin

It is always even more sad to see two or more listed with the same last names like with the last two listed.  Since so many family members lived close to each other back then, this means they most likely were related.

--Old Secesh

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