Saturday, May 20, 2017

And Meanwhile in (n)ew (o)rleans: Crime and Murders Continue

From new orleans Murder Map:  76 murders in 2017, 175 in 2016.  This also shows where the murders occurred.

From NOLA Defender.

These are overnight police reports for the last eight days:

May 12-- 2 armed robberies, shooting, unclassified death

May 13--  2 shootings, 2 cuttings, 3 robberies, carjacking, homicide, suicide, unclassified death

May 14--  3 shootings, 2 stabbings, 2 robberies, burglary, unclassified death

May 15--  3 shootings, 2 traffic fatalities, sexual assault, robbery, unclassified death

May 16--  2 homicides, shooting, armed robbery, rape

May 17--  5 robberies, 3 shootings, 2 homicides, rape, carjacking, property snatching, unclassified death

May 17--  Two arrested at the Beauregard statue

May 18--  4 armed robberies, shooting, stabbing, homicide

May 19--   armed robbery, stabbing, purse snatching

And, all the while there was a big police presence at the statues.

Makes you wonder where the mayor's priorities are.  Old statues that haven't hurt anyone other than causng certain people to be offended...or crime.

--Old Secesh

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