Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Monuments to the Honorable Still Stand in New Orleans, But Not For Long

As New Orleans continues its headlong dive into shame, at least as of yesterday, the three monuments to Lee, Beauregard and Davis are still standing.  I am sure this has to be really bugging the mayor.

There have been confrontations, especially by the Robert E. Lee statue, which possibly is the next slated to be ripped down.  Fortunately, no injuries, but words were said and a few arrests made.

The mayor and his largely black city council need to know that there are people who take their actions seriously as an impugn to their heritage, including me.

Mayor, put the removal up to a vote of the people, at least on New Orleans, but Louisiana as well.  There are enough Blacks and their white supporters to vote for removal.  I'll live with the voice of the people.  It is time for the mayor to pay some respect to those of Confederate heritage in New Orleans.

And, who knows, perhaps avoid people getting hurt.

But, I Am Sure The Sad Day Is Near.  --Old Secesh

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