Saturday, May 20, 2017

Mayor (m)itch Completes His Ugly Mission, (n)ew (o)rleans Must Now Bear His Guilt The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 458

I am angry.  I am hurt to the core.

I read this morning that the last of the three Confederate statues in new orleans, Robert E. Lee, was taken down yesterday, evidently done in the daylight this time and not undercover of the night as were the others.

I hope the Blacks are happy as they got their way. I am sure Mayor mitch is happy as he being a Democrat in a city with a lot of Blacks, he has assured himself of getting reelected as many times as he wants the job.  If he has any national aspirations, he surely won't get my vote and I'll certainly work for and support his opponents.

But, be assured, there will not be riots, looting and burning because we did not get our way.  Our heritage was severely disregarded and dragged through the mud.  No one should have this happen to their heritage.

Lee, Beauregard and Davis all served their country, the United States, long and faithfully until events in the North forced them to take a hard decision and cast their lot with a new country, just as our Founding Fathers found themselves back in 1775.

And, we don't know what the mayor and his council intend to do with the statues.  My guess it will be something else dishonorable.

Well, at least this ugly affair is over and I can start getting over it.

This Whole Thing Is Shameful and Dishonorable.  --Old Secesh

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