Friday, May 5, 2017

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 446: Huge Confederate Flag on I-95 in North Carolina

From the May 2, 2017, Google Alerts for Confederate.

**  Myron Pitts, a black commentator saw a huge Confederate Flag near Fayetteville, N.C. and didn't like it.  I'm so surprised he didn't much care for it..  But this was the first I heard about it, so thanks, Mr. Pitts, for bringing it to my attention.

He described it as a huge Confederate Flag 20 foot X 30 foot on a 90 foot tall pole by I-95, 15 miles north of Fayetteville,  It was placed there by the North Carolina Division of the SCV as part of their Flags Across the Carolinas program.

I sure enjoy seeing those flags flapping in the breeze.  We may be losing the war against those who want to erase all aspects of the Confederacy, but this shows there is still some fight left.

Kind of an Up Yours, You Know.  --Old Secesh

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