Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Mort Kunstler's May 2017 Calendar: The Bloody Angle

May 2017 Civil War Calendar by Mort Kunstler.

"Spotsylvania, Va, May 12, 1864.

"General Ulysses Grant's 1864 invasion of Virginia seemed unstoppable -- until Grant ran onto Robert E. Lee's rock-hard defense at Spotsylvania Courthouse.

"One section of Lee's line was in the shape of a mule shoe and defied repeated attacks by courageous Northern troops.  Finally, struggling mightily in the rain, Northern troops broke through the Confederate line.

"Desperate moments followed until a Confederate counterattack drove back the attackers.  The fighting was among the bloodiest of the war.

"With only a log and earthen wall separating them, combatants shot, stabbed and clubbed each other for almost eighteen hours until darkness ended the ordeal."

Hand-to-hand action over the earthworks and shot-up flags from both sides and in all that rain.

I've always had a problem with spelling Spotsylvania.  Is it one or two "t's"

A Place I Definitely Would Not Want to Be.  --Old Secesh

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