Wednesday, May 31, 2017

I Watched a Little Bit of the Desecration of the Lee Statue

I came across a video of the desecration of the Robert E. Lee statue in new orleans.  It hurt me to the bone.  Tears to my eyes.  I couldn't watch long.  (n)ew (o)rleans lower case because of its shame.

And the crowd there celebrating and laughing and playing that rap music.  It was way too much.

Lee came down because he fought for the Confederacy.  The Confederacy offends the feelings of Blacks, and I can understand that.  If I was Black I would most likely also not like the Confederacy.

But, what about my feelings.  I am proud of my ancestors who fought for the Confederacy and to have their good names dragged through the mud and the overall attempt to erase and dishonor the effort to create their own country after it became apparent that they could no longer be in a country increasingly against the South, is way too much.

We're definitely living in the days of Black Tyranny!!!!

Sadly, White Feelings Don't Matter Anymore.  --Old Secesh

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