Monday, May 1, 2017

The Confederacy Under Attack-- Part 441: There's That Neo-Confederate Tag Again

From the Google Alerts for April 18, 2017, for Confederate.

**  Candidate for Virginia governor was endorsed by neo-Confederates at 'Old South Ball.  (Virginia)  (Not sure if Win or Loss) The candidate was Corey Stewart.  The neo-Confederate group was the Save Southern Heritage.  Stewart also said at the Old South Ball that the removal of Confederate monuments was "historical vandalism."  Again, I would be happy to support this man if I knew how else he stood on other issues.

There they go again with that Neo-Confederate label.  Neo-Nazis, anyone?  Maybe we should start calling anti-Confederates Neo-Confederate Haters.

You can always tell which side the writer or newspaper is on when they use the term Neo-Confederate.  They are trying to compare us to Nazis.

**  Mississippi having a Confederate History Month does not harm anyone.  (Win)  Hey, isn't there a Black History Month?  It never hurt me.  And I agree that there should be a Black History Month.  Too long were their contributions and struggles ignored in history books.  There should also be a Confederate History Month.

**  Mid-South Confederate monument vandalized overnight.  (Jackson, Tennessee)  (Loss).  It is so sad that the BLM folks and Neo-Confederate Haters have to do things like this.

Perhaps We Should Place Law Enforcement Around the Statues All the Time.  --Old Secesh

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