Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Hitchcock's Confederate Veterans Home-- Part 2:

The home has been partially restored and is on the NRHP.  It hosts Juneteenth celebrations.  It was built by Virginian Henry Martyn Stringfellow, a private in the Confederate Army who fought at the battles of Yorktown and Richmond.

He accompanied Major General Magruder to Galveston and fought at the Battle of Galveston.  Promoted afterwards to captain, he was put in charge of the Houston ordnance department.  In 1863, he married Alice Johnston of Houston and settled in Galveston.

In 1866, he got involved in growing grapes for wine and in 1883, he started Stringfellow Orchards.

In 1894, he sold the property and it went through several owners and over the years it deteriorated.

--Old Secesh

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