Monday, February 17, 2014

A Smith Briggs Survivor Wants Information-- Part 2: Capt. Lee Was a Coward

The light draught gunboat Smith Briggs was blown up by the enemy. "Our Commander by the name of Captain Lee a New York man was a coward and he Drew us up in Line on the first road next to the Little River which I think was called Pagan Creek told the boys all who were in favor of Surrender Hold up their Right Hand. //// The New Yorker Hands went up almost to a man. Only one Pennsylvanian sent up his hand. //// The New Yorkers had the strongest side So Captain Lee Signed the Surrender looking as white as this paper I am writing upon." //// This account of Captain Lee is certainly different from the previous accounts of his bravery and fortitude. And, it now sounds like the troops surrendered on land and not on the Smith Briggs. ///// Intereesting. --Old secesh

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