Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Smith Briggs at the 1863 Peninsular Campaign-- Part 2

Later in the day, the Smith Briggs dropped a mile down river to prevent an enemy flank movement. On the 26th-29th, the Smith Briggs patrolled the river between White House and West Point to prevent guerrillas from intefering with transports conveying troops to White House. //// On the 27th of June, the ship captured a large number of rebel horses and July 2nd destroyed an enemy battery at Cumberland Heights. From July 3rd to Union forces withdrew from the area, the Smith Briggs patrolled the Pamunkey River. //// For his "arduous service well-performed, Capt. LEE enjoys the hearty respect of all connected with this department, both as an officer and a man." //// The New York Times certainly had high regard for Captain Lee, an Army man commanding a gunboat. I have to wonder if he'd had sea experience before the war. //// --Old Secesh

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