Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stonewall Confederate Cemetery in Winchester, Va.-- Part 4

From Civil War Wiki Net. //// Some 2,500 Confederates, casualties of the Battles of Winchester, Cool Springs and Kernstown, are buried here in Winchester, Virginia. The exact number is 2,575, of which 829 are unknown. It is part of the Mount hebron Cemetery, originally called the Lutheran Church Cemetery when it opened in 1799 as a 1.25 acre plot. In 1844, it expanded and incorporated as Mount Horeb Cemetery. //// The 815 unknown are buried in a common mound in the center of the Stonewall Confederate Cemetery. The remaining 1679 are in individual graves, buried by state: //// ALABAMA 71, ARKANSAS 20, FLORIDA 38, GEORGIA 29, KENTUCKY 3, LOUISIANA 70, MARYLAND 15, MISSISSIPPI 67, NORTH VAROLINA 452, SOUTH CAROLINA 160, TENNESSEE 29, TEXAS 6 AND VIRGINA 447. There are also 87 unassigned graves. //// There are also 12 state markers by each plot. //// During the Third Battle of Winchester, the cemetery was part of the Confederate defenses. "Many of those buried here lie near where they fell in battle." //// Union dead are buried in the National Cemetery, just across Woodstock Lane. //// The Story of a Cemtery. --Old Secesh

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