Friday, February 14, 2014

The Smith Briggs At the 1863 Peninsular Campaign-- Part 1

From the July 25, 1863, New York Times.

During these operations, also called Dix's Peninsular Campaign, the Army gunboat Smith Briggs was attached to Rear-Admiral Lee's Squadron and under the command of Captain Lee.

The Smith Briggs had just had repairs at Norfolk when it received orders from General Dix to go to Fortress Monroe and from there to Yorktown to await further orders from the Commanding General of the Department.

On June 23rd, 1863, the ship was at West Point near the mouth of the Pamunkey River. On June 24th, the Smith Briggs joined four gunboats and twelve transports and left on the 25th for White House which was found to be in possession of rebel cavalry. The gunboats opened fire and quickly dispersed them.

--Old Secesh

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