Saturday, February 22, 2014

Battle of Smithfield, Va.-- Part 4: The Sassy Boy

The surrendered Union soldiers were taken to Ivor, including William Rodgers. Along the way they stopped at Four Square, J.O. Thomas' farm, for water. His brother, R.S. Thomas, continued: "You may remember the lady of the house as a red-hot Rebel. Captain Pipkin (NC Cav.) had on his horse behind him, a boy of your command, some twelve or thirteen years of age who was a little 'sassy' to her. //// She recognized hin after the war in the Green House of the Soldier's Home, at Hampton, Va. She was admiring his flowers when there was mutual recognition." (Wonder if they "feud" continued or they made peace.) //// After the Smith Briggs surrenedered it was set on fire. When the flames reached the magazine with two tons of powder, the ship was blown to pieces. The wreck remained there until 1867 or 1868 when it was removed by the government. //// R.S. Thomas said he had a momento from the Feb. 1st, 1864, battle, a cannonball at his front door steps. He found it and kept it. There were other cannonballs in trees and houses around the town. //// A Good Account of a Little-Known Battle. --Old secesh

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