Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Smith Briggs Survivor Wants Information-- Part 3

William W. Rodgers wasn't a member of the Smith Brigg's crew, but was involved in the ship's final hours. //// Rodgers had wanted to go to the dedication of a monument at Andersonville but couldn't because of sever rheumatism. (in 1905 to 1906) And since had been confined to his house and wanted to find out more about the battle and what happened to the Smith Briggs. He also wanted to know about the burial of the Union soldier at Ivor Station. //// He said that after the battle, he was taken to Belle Island near Richmond, Virginia and then on March 10th, to Andersonville, Georgia. He arrived there on St. Patrick's Day 1864 and was released Oct. 18, 1864, and of the five who came home with him from that place, only two are still alive. //// He signed it : William W. Rodgers, 2553 N. Colorado Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. //// --Old Secesh

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