Thursday, February 6, 2014

Stonewall Confederate Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia-- Part 3

Other notables buried there: //// Major General John George Walker //// Brigadier General ARCHIBALD GODWIN of the 57th North Carolina killed September 19, 1864 at the Third Battle of Winchester (along with Glover and Patton). //// Col. DANIEL HARVEY CHRISTIE, 23rd NC, mortally wounded at first day of Gettysburg. Died July 17, 1863. //// CONFEDERATE UNKNOWN MEMORIAL to 829 soldiers. //// Brigadier General ROBERT DANIEL JOHNSON, 23rd NC, wounded at Battle of Seven Pines and again at Gettysburg. Died 1919. //// Col. CHARLES CHRISTOPHER BLACKNOLL of the 23rd NC. Wounded on first day of Gettysburg when the regiment was ambushed and every field officer either killed or wounded. Major Blacknoll was shot through the mouth and neck and captured. // Upon exchange, he became colonel of the 23rd. He was wounded again at the Third Battle of Winchester, this time in the foot. Surgeons wanted to amputate it, but he refused, saying "I'll live yet to dance on that foot." He recovered and returned to service, but the wound proved mortal and he died November 6, 1864. //// --Old Secesh

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