Monday, February 24, 2014

First Canadian Civil War Monument

From the Feb. 20, 2014, Seaway News (Canada) "First-ever U.S. Civil War monument going up to memorialize Canada's contribution." //// In Cornwall, Canada. More than 50,000 Canadians fought on both sides of the war. The new memorial will be located in Ault Park on County Road 2 by the Lost Village Historical Society. //// It will consist of a 14-foot-high black granite obelisk and 8-foot black granite side stones. //// They hope to have it completed by the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation on July 1, 2017. //// Men from Quebec, Ontario and te Maritime Provinces enlisted on both sides. Some 34 Canadians on the Union side received Medals of Honor. //// I Did Not Know That So Many Canadians Fought. --Old Secesh

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