Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Battle of Smithfield, Va.-- Part 2

At the same time Sturdevant made his move, unknown to him, the Union Army gunboat Smith Briggs had brought Captain Lee and his men to Smithfield and they had started to sweep along the river. Sturdevant's force was surprised by Lee's men at Six Oaks near Scott's Factory about four miles from Smithfield. //// "A slight engagement ensued. The result of it was, Lee fell back to Smithfield and Sturdevant went on his way, westwardly, to Ivor, Virginia." Going to Ivor, he passed his brother's farm, Four Square. His brother, J.O. Thomas, had learned the strength of Lee's force and knew the gunboat (Smith Briggs), was not at Smithfield. He persuaded Sturdevant to go there. Sturdevan't larger force would be able to capture Lee's force if they moved fast. //// --Old Secesh

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