Saturday, February 1, 2014

Stonewall Confederate Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia-- Part 1

From Find-A-Grave Site. //// This grew out of my research on Elizabeth Susan Glover (the Mother of Confederate Reunions), the 21st Georgia Infantry and her husband, Lt. Col. Thomas Glover, killed at the Third Battle of Winchester in 1864. //// I found out he was buried in this cemetery so did some more research on it and found many interesting things as well as notable Confederates buried there. No wonder it takes so long to get things done. One thing leads to another and so on and so on. ///// The Stonewall Confederate Cemetery in Winchester, Virginia, is located at 305 E. Boscawen Street and is the last resting place of over 3,000 Confederates who died in battle or hospitals around Winchester. It was dedicated in 1866 as part of the Mount Hebron Cemetery. //// Much More to Come. --Old Secesh

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