Wednesday, February 4, 2015

A War of 1812 Connection: the ap Catesby Jones Family

In the last week, I have been writing about War of 1812 Navy commander Thomas Catesby ap Jones and his brother, U.S. Army commander Roger ap Catesby Jones.  The name Catesby ap is not very common made me think of Civil War Confederate officer Catesby ap Roger Jones who commanded the CSS Virginia in its epic battle with the USS Monitor.

It turns out that Catesby ap Roger Jones is the son of Roger ap Catesby Jones.  The Catesby ap means son of and is Welch language.

Another of Roger ap Catesby Jones' sons served on the CSS Tennessee.

The lives of Roger and Thomas Catesby ap Jones can be found in my Not so Forgotten: War of 1812 blog for today and this past week.

--Old Secesh

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