Thursday, February 5, 2015

I Came Across What Happened to George Cadman-- Part 1: Death

From 19 January 2015, UNC Library Civil War Day By Day.

Exactly the reason why there were no more letters from George Cadman.

A letter from Geog. R. Gear replying to a Nov. 7, 1864 letter from Esther Cadman asking for information about the particulars of George Cadman's death.

George Gear apologized for now replying sooner, but was writing from Savannah and said he had been too busy to do so in the meantime (Sherman's March to the Sea).  At that time, Sherman was preparing for his Carolinas Campaign.

Evidently, he had died at some time between June and November. The letter did mention that he was buried at Marietta, Georgia, outside of Atlanta.

--Old Secesh

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