Monday, February 2, 2015

The Scourge of Whiskey and Loose Women in Memphis-- Part 3: Shadwell and Habitues

Of interest there is a Wapping Elementary School in the South Windsor Public Schools with motto "Developing Children Who Are Confident, Capable, Caring and Cooperative."  Evidently the term no longer reflects what the slang used to do.

As far as Shadwell, Wikipedia says it is a district in East London on the north bank of the Thames River near Wapping.  This is also a big maritime area.  In the 19th century large numbers of lascar seamen were brought over from India by the East India Company and lived in Shadwell.

So this would be another area where you find lots of sailors.

The word "habitues" means a frequent or habitual visitor to a place.

--Old Secesh

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