Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Scourge of Whisky and Loose Women in Memphis-- Part 4: "Sell themselves and a Bottle of Liquor for a Dollar"

Continuing with George Cadman's letter to his wife.

I have come across mention that he was born and grew up in England which probably was why he made use of the 'habitues of Wapping and Shadwell" phrase.

"I shall be glad when we get orders for Vicksburg which I expect is our ultimate Destination, for here we have nothing but prisoners.  We cannot go more than 50 yards from our Camp without a pass, only in consequence of the misconduct of our Regt. in the Guard House, for offenses committed while Drunk.

"Even now women come to the very Guard line with their bodies strung round with Whisky under their clothes to sell themselves and a bottle of Liquor for a Dollar.  For the first few nights we could get no sleep for the cursing of the men [and] screaming of women and the firing of pistols outside our camp."

The 39th, Making Up for Lost Time.  --Old Secesh

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