Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Atlanta Campaign-- Part 3: "In More Danger From Our Own Battery"

Sunday June 26, 1864:

"3 P.M.  Everything has been very quiet today, considering.  There has not been much cannonading, and I was very glad of it, for it is not pleasant to sit writing when the shells are whizzing over your head.

"Our regiment is in more danger from our own battery in the rear than from the rebels in front.  Sometimes the fuse is defective, and the shell bursts almost as soon as it leaves the gun.

"None of our boys have been brought in from the skirmish line yet, so I suppose they are all right.  We have not had a man hurt yet from our company in this campaign though some of them have been hit.  We have had but one die of sickness, so I think we have been fortunate.

"And now let me conclude these rambling notes by assuring you of my love and my earnest desire for the war to come to an end, that we may pass the remainder of our lives together in peace and happiness.

"Your affectionate husband, GH Cadman"

Sadly, he died a few months after he wrote tghe letter.  I am still trying to find out the circumstances.

--Old Secesh

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