Friday, February 27, 2015

Arlington Confederate Dead Reburied in North Carolina-- Part 3

The caskets were transferred to the Seaboard & Roanoke Railroad and greeted by the Suffolk Grays in Suffolk.

They arrived in Raleigh on October 16th, 1883 and were moved to the Capitol building and laid in state over night.  The Raleigh Light Infantry stood guard all night while people paid their respects.  In the morning, the Fayetteville Independent Light Artillery relieved them as guard of honor.  Banks of flowers were placed over the four caskets.

On October 17th, there was a funeral procession march up Fayetteville Street.  Upon arrival at Capitol Square, the Raleigh Light Infantry and Bingham cadets brought the caskets to the east side and placed them in a funeral car.

Then, there was the march to the cemetery past streets lined with people.

--Old Secesh

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