Friday, February 6, 2015

Marietta National Cemetery: Is George Cadman's Body There?

From Find-A-Grave.

I was looking to see if George Cadman's body was at the national cemetery.

It was originally known as "The Marietta and Atlanta National Cemetery" and established in 1866 for the 10,000 Union dead from Sherman's Atlanta Campaign.

The site of the cemetery was one time proposed as the new Capitol of the Confederate States of America.

I went through the list of bodies buried there but did not come across George Cadman's name.  Perhaps Mr. Cadman was still buried near the railroad in Marietta as the Geog. Gear stated and maybe this wasn't a part of the Marietta National Cemetery.  Also, perhaps Cadman's wife Esther was inquiring as to his burial spot because she intended to have his body brought home.

Or, maybe he is buried at the national cemetery and body misidentified?

I still don't know the exact date of his death or cause.

--Old Secesh

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