Monday, February 9, 2015

Death of Gen. Philip Sheridan in 1888-- Part 4

Sheridan's body was returned to Washington, D.C., and he was buried on a hillside facing the city near Arlington House in Arlington National Cemetery.

The sculpture for him was designed by English sculptor Samuel James Kitson.  His burial at the cemetery helped elevate Arlington National Cemetery to national prominence.

His wife Irene never remarried, saying, "I would rather be the widow of Phil Sheridan than the wife of any man living."

She died February 24, 1928, the last living wife of any of the major Union generals (of course, she was born in 1856, before marrying the much older Sheridan in 1875).  She is buried next to her beloved husband in Section E.2, Site S-1.

--Old Secesh

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