Saturday, February 14, 2015

George Hovey Cadman-- Part 3

George Hovey Cadman died of sunstroke in Marietta, Georgia 17 September 1864.

During the period of time between George Cadman's letter about his drunken Col. Noyes in June 1864 before Kennesaw Mountain and his death, , his 39th Ohio was involved in these military operations:  From Wikipedia.

June 10-July 2--  Operations around Marietta and against Kennesaw Mountain.
June 27th--  Assault on Kennesaw Mountain.
July 2-5--  Nickajack Creek
July 3-4--  Ruff's Mills
July 5-17--  Chattahoochie River
July 22--  Battle of Atlanta
July 22-August 25--  Siege of Atlanta.
August 25-30--  Flank Movement on Jonesboro.
August 31-September 1--  Battle of Jonesboro
September 2-6--  Lovejoy's Station

After his death:

September 29-Nov. 3--  Operations against Hood in northern Georgia.

Then, the question arises, when did George Cadman get his fatal sunstroke?

--Old Secesh

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