Thursday, February 5, 2015

Death of George Hovey Cadman-- Part 2: Burial

19 January 1865 letter from Geog. Gear to Esther Cadman.

He started by saying he didn't know much about Cadman's death, but would relate what he did know.

"The Surgeon's name who attended him was Davis.  He belongs to the 17th New York, now in the 14th Corps.

"George was buried decently in the burial spot occupied by the 4th Division, 16th Corps.  A neat head board marks his grave.  A fence surrounds the burial spot.  It is on the outer edge of Marietta, on the left hand side of the Railroad as you come in from the north.

"Again expressing my sympathy for you in your double sore bereavement.

Geog. R. Gear."

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