Saturday, January 4, 2014

Confederate Army Units Surrendered in Piecemeal Fashion-- Part 2

Most people figure the war was over after Lee's surrender April 9, 1865, or perhaps after Johnston surrendered later in the month, but this does not cover all of the surrenders. ///// Continued from March 4, 2013. //// MAY 5: Gen. Taylor surrendered the Departments of Alabama, Mississippi and East Louisiana to Gen, Canby at Citronelle, Alabama. //// MAY 5TH: General Maury surrendered the District of the Gulf to Canby at Citronelle, Alabama. //// MAY 5TH: President Davis met with his cabinet one last time in Washington, Georgia. They decided to dissolve the government of the Confederate States of America. //// MAY 8TH: Captain James McNeill surrenders his Partisan Rangers to Gen. Rutherford B. Hayes (later U.S. president) at Sycamore Dale, west Virginia. //// --Old Secesh

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