Thursday, January 23, 2014

Maine's Gen. Neil S. Dow-- Part 2

He was made a brigadier general April 28, 1862 and commanded the two captured Confederate forts below New Orleans, Fort Jackson and Fort St. Phhilip, after their capture and later commanded the District of Florida. //// He was wounded in the right arm and left thigh at the Siege of Port Hudson, Mississippi, (May 21-July 9, 1863) and sent to a local plantation to recover. Dow was captured while there and imprisoned for eight months at Richmond and Mobile. It was during this time that the Montgomery hotel escape took place. //// Finally, he was exchanged for Confederate General William Henry Fitzhugh Lee, son of Robert E. Lee, on February 25, 1864. With his health seriously impaired by his prison time, he resigned in November of that year. ///// Back in Maine, he continued with the temperance movement and cofounded the National Temperance Society. //// I'll Drink to That. --Old Secesh

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