Saturday, January 4, 2014

Confederate Army Units Surrendered in Piecemeal Fashion-- Part 3

MAY 9TH: Gen. Forrest surrendered Forrest's Cavalry Corps to Gen. Wilson at Gainesville, Alabama. //// MAY 10TH: Gen. Jones surrendered the Department of SC, Florida and South Georgia to Gen. McCook at Tallahassee, Florida. //// MAY 10TH: Commodore Ebenezer Farrand surrendered the CSS Nashville, CSS Baltic, CSS Morgan and several other vessels to Admiral Henry Thatcher at Nanna Hubba, Alabama. //// MAY 12TH: General Wofford surrendered the Department of N. Georgia to Gen. Judah at Kingston, Georgia. //// MAY 13TH: Last Battle of the War at Palmito Ranch in Texas near Brownsville. Confederates won. //// A Sad Time. --Old Secesh

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