Friday, January 31, 2014

The 21st Georgia Infantry-- Part 4: More Engagements Than Any Other Unit

The regiment went back to Petersburg and took part in the assault on Fort Steadman, one of the last offensives by the Army of Northern Virginia. At the Appomattox surrender, just 53 men from the 21st were paroled.

It has been claimed that the 21st Georgia was in more engagements than any other unit in the war.

Of all units on both sides, they 21st had the third most killed in battle. And, the regiment that lost the most, the 8th New York had its men killed by the 21st.

Elizabeth Camp Glover, wife of Lt. Col. Thomas Glover of Company A, organized the first Confederate reunion which continued through to the 1930s when age and death thinned the ranks until the last one was held at Richmond, Virginia.

--Old Secesh

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