Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Maine's Gen. Neal S. Dow-- Part 1: Abolitionist and "Napoleon of Temperance"

From Wikipedia. //// March 20, 1804-October 2, 1897. Nicknamed "Napoleon of Temperance" and "Father of "Prohibition." He was the man Col. Candler of georgia saved in Montgomery, Alabama, that I wrote about earlier today. Again, I found nothing more about his rescue by Candler. //// Dow sponsored the "Maine Law of 1851" prohibiting the manufacture and sale of liquor. He was heavily criticized for his actions in the Portland Rum Riot of 1855. //// Born in Portland, maine, and was very anti alcohol and an ardent abolitionist with his house being a stop on the Undergraound Railroad. //// He was 57 when the Civil War started and volunteered. Appointed colonel of the 13th Maine Infantry Regiment on November 23, 1861. The regiment participated in the capture and occupation of New Orleans under General Benjamin Butler (which may explain some of the Southern hatred of him). //// More to Come. --Old Secesh

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