Saturday, January 4, 2014

Heritage Attacks-- Part 3

April 6, 2013 KRQE "Confederate flag sparks free-speech battle" in Alamogrande, NM. Scott Brown flew it next to a U.S. flag and was asked to take it down. He did. Later that day the police came and cited him with breaking a 1963 state law because the Confederate flag "insulted" the U.S. one. The case is (was?) in court and he could go to jail. I'm insulted. //// May 31, 2013: Lawsuit to restore the Confederate Park name in Memphis. //// May 29, 2013 SC? Enquirer-Herald "Confederate flags removed from veterans' graves." Some 88 Confederate flags were removed and tossed into the woods. The flags had been put there on the graves by the Private Thomas Caldwell Camp SCV. //// --Old Secesh

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