Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The 21st Georgia Infantry-- Part 1

From the e-enactment group's website. //// Since I have been writing about Confederate Lt. Col. Thomas Coke Glover and his wife, Elizabeth Camp Glover, who is credited for having the very first Confederate reunion in 1867. Her husband served in the 21st Georgia and it was their reunion. I was unfamiliar with this regiment and quite impressed with what I found out about them. This was one of the Confederacy's best fighting groups. //// The 21st Georgia was mustered into Confederate service from June to August 1861 and came from counties surrounding Atlanta westward to the Alabama border. They were transported to Virginia and took part in Stonewall Jackson's famous Valley Campaign in 1862. In June they were back at Richmond and were in the Seven Days' Battles under Robert E. Lee. //// At Second Manassas, they captured the Union depot and at one point ran out of ammunition and resoted to throwing rocks. They suffered 76% casualties at this battle. //// More to Come. --Old Secesh

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