Thursday, January 9, 2014

Heritage Attacks: A School and Robert E. Lee

DECEMBER 17, 2013: 12 NEWS "FLORIDA SCHOOL WILL DROP CONFEDERATE NATHAN B. FORREST'S NAME" Nathan B. Forrest High School was named 54 years ago in Duvall County (Jackwonville). Monday, the school board voted 7-0 to change it. It opened in 1959 in the aftermath of the Supreme Court decision requiring racially integrated schools. I usually do not like to see historical names changed, but in this case, since the majority of the students served at the school are black, I can go along with the decision. Now, if the majority had been white, that would have been a different story. //// DECEMBER 18, 2013, FOX NEWS "U.S. ARMY WAR COLLEGE CONSIDERS REMOVING PRINTS DEPICTING ROBERT E. LEE, CONFEDERATE GENERALS." One official at the college questioned why the paintings were there during an inventory of the Carlisle, Pennsylvania, school's paintings. The school opened in 1901 to provide study concerning the lessons of war and fgraduates more than 300 officers, foreign students and civilians a year. Regardless of where he received his greatest fame, Robert E. Lee's service in the U.S. Army before the war and his tactics and leadership have to be considered among the greatest in American history. //// --Old Secesh

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