Monday, January 27, 2014

The Mother of Confederate Reunions-- Part 3

Two other parts can be found in my Running the Blockade Civil War Navy blog from last week (1-24-14). Also two other parts in this blog. //// In a 1928 issue of Confederate Veteran, Co, A of the 21st Georgia had 200 men when the war began. By the end, only 30 remained. Only 12 made it to the first reunion and Col. Thomas Lathem of Atlanta gave the keynote talk. It was decided to continue the reunions as long as two were alive. //// They had another basket dinner at the next one. However, for this one, all veterans of Campbell County were invited. "They vowed by the help of God to teach their children for all time to come that the cause for which they fought was just and right, to teach them to be proud of the part we took in the conflict, that we were overcome by the numbers--not whipped, but overcome." //// Mrs. Glover died April 14, 1915, and is buried in Texas. //// --Old Secesh

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