Friday, January 17, 2014

You Can Own a Piece of Lee's Hair and Wartime Pocket Knife

From the January 13, 2014, Falls Church (Va) Patch "General Robert E. Lee's Hair for Sale: Guess How Much?" posted by Mary Ann Barton (ed). //// A letter, pocket knife and clip of his hair will be auctioned by Quinn's Auction Gallery, Lot #172, tomorrow in Falls Church, Virginia. It has been on loan and display at Arlington House, the Lee Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery for more than twenty years. //// Robert E. Lee originally sent the items to a woman in Baltimore after the war who had requested items to raise funds for an orphanage according to a 1907 Baltimore Sun article that accompanies the items. //// The auction company estimates the lot will go for $20,000 to $30,000 with a suggested starting bid of $10,000. //// In the letter, Lee wrote: "I must apologize for the condition of this knife by stating that it was my companion during the war. REL." //// I Wonder If he Had It With Him At Appomattox? --Old Secesh

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