Monday, March 2, 2015

Arlington Confederate Dead Reburied in North Carolina-- Part 4

The military units were drawn up on three sides of the square and rendered salutes and a band played a dirge.  Governor Jarvis spoke and called them "patriot soldiers."

The four caskets with the remains were laid in two graves immediate south of the Confederate Monument.  Volleys were fired over the graves and full military honors given.  Markers stating "Arlington Dead" were placed on the graves.

On May 2, 1993, the SCV erected a two-ton granite marker over their final resting place.

The bronze plate on the granite has the names, rank, dates and units of 102 soldiers and 5 unknowns.  Since then, two of the unknowns have been identified and a smaller granite marker has been placed for them at the base of the larger marker.

The honor guard for the 1993 ceremony was by the Fayetteville Independent Light Artillery., the same unit that participated in the 1883 ceremony.

--Old Secesh

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