Friday, March 27, 2015

54th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Regiment

I was looking up Robert Simpson of the 54th Ohio who survived the General Lyon Disaster and was listed as being in Co. S of the 54th Ohio.  I know of no other Company "S"'s in the service so imagine this must have been a mistake.

That he would have been on the General Lyon is no surprise as his regiment was part of General Sherman's March Through the Carolinas and had taken part in the Battle of Bentonville March 20, 21, 1865.

The regiment organized at Camp Dennison, by Cincinnati, in 1861 and saw its share of hard fighting, including Vicksburg, the Atlanta Campaign, March to the Sea, then Carolinas Campaign.

It was at the Battle of Bentonville March 20-21, Occupation of Goldsboro, N.C. March 24th, Advance to raleigh April 10-14 and  Johnston's surrender at Bennett House April 26th.

I was unable to learn how Private Simpson came to be on board the General Lyon, but it might have been after Bentonville.  Perhaps he was wounded?

--Old Secesh


MajGenl.Meade said...

Enlisted as private CO G, Jan 25 1862 aged 21. The NYT Apr 14 '65 says he was PAROLED and on the Lyon as does F W Foster, US Sanitary Commission (Wilmington) NYT Jan 19 1866 although he's shown there as "Samson". Records say Simpson was apptd. Corporal, Co. I, May 6, '64; captured July 22, '64 in battle of Atlanta, Ga; mustered out June 8, 1865 at Camp Chase OH by order of War Dept. Seems unlikely he was actually on the Lyon but not all "muster outs" mean the man was alive or even there at the time. However, Chase was a parole camp. Many of the "Lyon" list may actually have been on the Sedgwick.

MajGenl.Meade said...

A further general comment... when Sherman wanted to rid his columns of some 25000 refugees at Fayetteville, he had them escorted on the way to Wilmington by the 116th Illinois (IIRC) AND they were augmented by soldiers whose time had expired. As an example, many 6oth Illinois were mustered out March 14th in Fayetteville - they walked to Wilmington as a "free" escort I guess! (I think that's how Foster came to think there were 60th Ill troops on the Lyon when in fact they were not at all).