Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Midwest Perspective on the Civil War at Kenosha Museum-- Part 3

The unique story of the Upper Midwest's Civil War experience is shown in "The Fiery Trail" exhibit, a series of environmental displays spanning 1850 through the end of the war that take visitors from the home front (a fictional town called Fairfield) to supply depots, campsites and battlegrounds.

Another exhibit is the Veterans Memorial Gallery, a contemplative space honoring America's citizen soldiers and symbolizes the commonality of soldier experience through the centuries.  Veterans from all wars are commemorated on a circular series of monoliths.

Other artifacts in the museum are a Kenosha militia flag and a first-hand documentation of a slave who fled north on the Underground Railroad.  Of particular interest, visitors can follow the fortunes of dozens of actual participants in the Civil War including a nurse, soldier and abolitionist.

--Old Secesh

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