Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Heritage Attacks

Just because I don't write about them doesn't mean they are not happening.  And, of course, we have the really big one that is either going to destroy the Confederate flag or stop the incessant attacks upon it.  I am talking about the case involving the Confederate flag on the Texas license plate which is being heard in the U.S. Supreme Court right now.

Here are some others:

JUNE 3, 2014:  The Citadel University in Charleston, S.C. is under attack because of the Confederate flag in its chapel.

Also, this date, the Virginia Flaggers raised a huge Confederate flag in I-95 near Fredericksburg.

AUGUST 1, 2014:  That flag near Fredericksburg at mm 134 is on a 90-foot pole and measures 30X22 feet.  The Virginia Flaggers is considered an "Activist Group."  They formed after the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond removed Confederate flags from the Confederate Memorial Chapel and Lexington banned Confederate flags from city light poles.

Most recently, Confederate flags were removed from the chapel where Robert E. lee is buried at Washington-Lee University.

--Old secesh

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