Friday, March 27, 2015

List of Survivors of the General Lyon-- Part 2

RICHARD CLARKE, Co. F, 2nd Illinois Light Artillery
JOHN KREUSEN, Co. F, 3rd Pennsylvania
IRAH LEWIS, Co. A, 89th New York

ROBERT SIMPSON, Corporal, Co. S, 54th Ohio  (Co. S most likely a misprint)
THOS. FARRAR, refugee, Wilmington
JAS. EDWARDS, Sgt. 99th New York

GEO. MURPHY, Co. H, 6th New York Heavy Artillery

ISAIAH CLEOLLY, Co. K, 5th Ohio Cavalry
CYRUS P. WILLIAMS, Co. F, 3rd Pennsylvania Artillery
CHAS. A BRADY--  refugee

It would be interesting to find out about the refugees who were on board the general Lyon.  Why were they refugees.  Perhaps they were blacks?

--Old Secesh

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MajGenl.Meade said...

One of the refugees was "co;lored" - Charles A or E Bradley; he survived. Presumably he was a free man since he was named. There were two "colored" servants who did not survive. Other than that, the refugees were white about a dozen or more from Columbia who followed Sherman to Fayetteville and were then sent to Wilmington; two from Anderson SC, at least one captured Confederate soldier (Theodore Belitzer, incorrectly named as Bletsen. In a fine example of humanity, most of the white refugees were sent by boat from Fayetteville to Wilmington while the blacks and poorer whites had to walk. Once there, the newly freed slaves were distributed, on land, to the northern bits of Virginia while the whites got the Lyon and the Sedgwick and other steamers.