Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Confederate Flag Dispute Goes to Supreme Court

From the March 23, 2015, Yahoo! News, AP  "Justices hear free speech dispute over license plates" by Mark Sherman.

The U.S. Supreme Court is weighing a free speech challenge concerning the state of Texas' refusal to issue license plates to the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) because of the Confederate battle flag which is part of the organization's emblem.

Specialty plates in Texas is big business and drivers there spend $17.6 million to choose from more than 350 license plate offerings.  The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles says 877,000 vehicles out of the 19 million cars, trucks and motorcycles   have them.

But, the state turned down a request by the Texas Division of the SCV.  Eight other former Confederate states, including Maryland, already have SCV plates.

Justices are hearing the arguments today which revolve around the First Amendment.  Texas claims the plates offend some.

The case is called Walker v, Sons of Confederate Veterans 14-144 and a late June decision is expected.

This is a very big case, but hopefully will once and for all settle the flag problems that have been plaguing both sides.

--Old Secesh

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