Wednesday, March 4, 2015

"Capitol Farewell" Painting by Mort Kunstler

From the february 2015 Civil War Calendar.

A soldier and his wife/sweetheart saying goodbye in front of the North Carolina state capitol in Raleigh.

"RALEIGH, N.C., FEBRUARY 5, 1863.  During the Civil War, North Carolina's Capitol building in Raleigh became a fixture in the hearts and minds of the soldiers and civilians who busily occupied its halls and grounds.  The Confederate Army used the grounds as an encampment, while the building itself served as a supply depot and a gathering place for town ladies who met in the rotunda to fashion uniforms, haversacks and bandages.

"The First National flag and the North Carolina state flag fly over the building as a young couple say goodbye, perhaps for the last time.  Scenes of this sort took place all over the North and South.  They still take place today as loved ones bid our servicemen and women goodbye as they depart to do their duty to country.

"In this scene depicting romance and fortitude, I have attempted to capture the drama of the moment, and show the difficulties of the soldier's life even hundreds of miles behind the lines."--  Mort Kunstler.

And the Building Is Still There.  --Old Secesh

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