Wednesday, March 11, 2015

No One Had Heard of the SS General Lyon Disaster

Last night I attended the McHenry County Civil War Round Table meeting in Woodstock and before the meeting talked with several members and mentioned the SS General Lyon tragedy.

Like me, no one had ever heard of it either.  And these people are avid Civil War buffs.

Now that the Sultana's story is becoming better known (they had all heard of it) perhaps this would be a good time for someone to write a book about it.

I was unfamiliar with it myself until yesterday.

--Old Secesh

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DrummerGal said...

My great-great grandfather was a soldier on the Gen. Sedgwick, the steamer that helped save the few survivors from the General Lyon disaster. There is a brief account from his perspective on pg. 196 of "Portrait and Biographical Record of Tuscarawas Co., Ohio", c. 1895. There is a free access digital copy on